Mission Statement

The Goal of G-Force Accounting Solutions is to provide the best quality accounting services at the lowest price. The fundamentals and guiding principles of the founder are integrity, honesty, kindness, generosity, and above all love and tolerance of others. Although G-Force companies are for-profit businesses, the primary goal is not to maximize profit. Currently the founder, George Vassilopoulos, is the sole shareholder of G-Force, and he felt that his core principles and beliefs could be better realized without the use of a non-profit entity for various reasons. He feels providing quality service to businesses at affordable prices and adding jobs to the workforce for employees willing to work hard best embodies these core principles. G-Force has no religious or political affiliation, and diversity is a key guiding principle to the mission. Helping the disadvantaged is another driving force behind G-Force. Also, G-Force recognizes that human beings are flawed, and if you ever feel that any of our employees are not representing G-Force’s core principles, please notify us immediately. We will take immediate action.